Kevin Gorman: Devin Bush shows off by calling shots at Steelers rookie minicamp

Kevin Gorman: Devin Bush shows off by calling shots at Steelers rookie minicamp

Devin Bush knew Ryan Shazier was viewing. However, the player the Pittsburgh Steelers exchanged up ten spots to choose with their first pick in the NFL Draft wasn't investigating his shoulder. 

The Steelers are trusting their inquiry to fill the void at inside linebacker since Shazier was lost to spinal-adjustment medical procedure closes with Bush, so everyone's eyes were on the No. 10 by an extensive choice. 

On the off chance that he's inclination any strain to supplant Shazier as a Pro Bowl playmaker, Bush is hinting at no it. That by itself established for a reliable first connection in his Steelers debut. 

"No doubt, I saw him," Bush said Friday, after his first new kid on the block minicamp practice at UPMC Rooney Sports Complex on the South Side. "I'm simply playing football. I'm not endeavoring to be someone else. I'm not attempting to go over and past. I'm endeavoring to become familiar with my playbook and do what I must do." 

The shrub is appearing to be a snappy report. So brisk that he was calling plays in his first practice, around the same time he got his playbook. Regardless of whether the language appeared to be remote, Bush got ideas and depended on his senses. 

"Simply getting out there and being vocal as much as I could," Bush said. "Regardless of whether I was correct or wrong, I was simply being vocal and believing what I see." 

The first thing you see about Bush is his size. At 5-foot-11, 234 pounds, he's not your prototypical NFL inside linebacker. However, this is another day and age in the pass-cheerful NFL, where groups presently esteem speed and briskness oversize at that position. 

As opposed to apologizing for it, Bush has grasped the tag of an undersized linebacker. He even has his very own official attire line, UNDRSZD, complete with a proverb: Don't pass judgment on me by my size, judge me by what I can do on and off the field… 

On the field, Bush emerges for his speed. He runs the 40-yard dash in 4.43 seconds, quicker than the Steelers' third-round picks at full collector and cornerback. That sideline-to-sideline playmaking capacity is like Shazier, another Florida and Big Ten item whose slight form additionally made him undersized. 

However Bush was increasingly worried about indicating "why I have a place here, why I have a place in the NFL and for what reason I'm going to play here for quite a while" than he was with correlations with Shazier. 

This was just football in shorts, so it's too early to make any decisions on the newbies. Be that as it may, if the Steelers trust what they saw to exchange up for Bush, at that point, I trust in what I got notification from him. 

Bramble discussed getting acquainted with the playbook and phrasing enough to be positive about his play-calling. He talked in the voice of a veteran, not the booking of a freshman. What I like is that he heeded his gut feelings, rather than stressing over committing errors. 

"I didn't feel twisted. I didn't feel out of the stage," Bush said. "I know there will be a few hiccups all over. Despite everything I'm learning." 

That didn't stop Steelers new kid on the block cornerback Justin Layne – a Michigan State item who considered Bush an opponent until they prepared together for the NFL Scouting Combine – from sharing superlatives about Bush after one practice together. 

"Devin, he's an extraordinary pioneer. He's extremely vocal. He will be great, without a doubt," Layne said. "You can tell. He was calling the correct guard and everything. He realizes what's happening." 

Surprisingly better is that Bush trusts what he sees. 

For an insider linebacker who needs to be judged not by his size but instead by what he does on and off the field, Bush established a positive first connection with the Steelers in the two respects.
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