Joe Biden should admit what he did was wrong: accuser

Lucy Flores, the previous Nevada official who blamed Joe Biden for improperly contacting and kissing her, said Sunday she was cheerful the former Vice President is eager to "tune in" however that overlooks what's important – she needs him to concede the conduct wasn't right.

"I'm happy that he will tune in. I'm happy he is clearing up his aims. My point was never about his aims, and they shouldn't be about his goals. It ought to be about the ladies on the less than desirable end of that conduct," Flores told CNN's "Condition of the Union."

Flores said Biden's remarks in an announcement discharged Sunday don't go about sufficiently far.

"I need him to change his conduct. Also, I need him to recognize that it wasn't right," she included CNN. "Also, I need this to be a greater discourse about how there is no responsibility structure inside our political space."

Biden's representative Bill Russo discharged another announcement Sunday on Twitter saying the likely 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful said he doesn't review the 2014 occurrence a similar path as Flores.

"Also, not once – never – did I trust I misbehaved. It is recommended I do as such; I will listen deferentially. In any case, it was never my aim," the announcement said.

Flores, a previous Nevada state assemblywoman, said she approached because Biden has a past filled with contacting ladies improperly.

"Some portion of the motivation behind why I chose to at long last say something is because those practices were not being paid attention to very. They were not being considered from the lady on the opposite side of that control dynamic," she said on CNN. "I can't envision that there was never a circumstance where somebody said to him, 'Mr. VP, you likely should quit doing that.'"

Flores said Biden's supposed conduct excludes him as a competitor.

"Never do I guarantee that it ascends to the dimension of rape or anything of that nature. I am stating that it's unseemly, that it doesn't have a place in an expert setting, significantly less in legislative issues," she said.

Amid her appearance on CNN, Flores described the subtleties she at first expounded on in an article in New York Magazine on Friday.

Flores, at that point a Democratic possibility for lieutenant representative in Nevada, was behind the stage at a battle rally getting ready to convey a discourse when she said Biden ventured up behind her.

"In all respects out of the blue and out of the blue, I feel Joe Biden put his hands on my shoulders, get up exceptionally near me from behind, lean in, smell my hair and after that plant a moderate kiss on the highest point of my head," she said.

Flores said she was stunned because she wasn't expecting that dimension of closeness from "somebody so incredible and somebody who you simply have no relationship at all to contact you and to feel you and to be so near you in that way."

"So I honestly didn't realize how to respond. I was simply stunned. I felt feeble. I sensed that I couldn't move," Flores said on CNN. "I simply didn't realize how to process it."
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