A Long Island man allegedly ran a prostitution ring out of his parents’ basement

A Long Island man allegedly ran a prostitution ring out of his parents’ basement

NEW YORK (AP) — A Long Island man ran a prostitution ring out of his older guardians' rambling rural home, alluring ladies with medications and securing them a storm cellar where he constrained them to utilize a pail rather than a washroom, examiners said Thursday. 

Raymond Rodio III, 47, utilized web-based life to select and publicize the ladies, got them snared on heroin or rocks, and constrained them to engage in sexual relations with men in the storm cellar of the home, in Sound Beach, or at close-by motels, Suffolk County District Attorney Tim Sini said. 

"This is a hazardous and corrupted individual," Sini said after Rodio's arraignment. "He kept ladies secured up in the storm cellar of his folks' home. He utilized the storm cellar of his folks' home as a prison." 

Rodio worked the ring for around four years and exploited more than 20 ladies, Sini said. 

Rodio's folks, who are in their 70s, may have known "something untoward" was going on, yet not really that their child was running a prostitution ring, Sini said. They are not accused of wrongdoing. 

Rodio argued not blameworthy Thursday to sex dealing, advancing prostitution and different charges. He stays imprisoned because he hasn't posted $1 million money safeguard or $2 million security. 

His next court appearance is planned for May 21. Whenever indicted for the top charge, he faces as long as 25 years in jail. 

A message looking for input was left with his legal advisor. 

Police revealed the supposed prostitution ring after a standard traffic stop last August. Officers perceived that a traveler in the vehicle seemed, by all accounts, to be a casualty of human dealing, Sini said. 

Rodio's folks' home seems average of Sound Beach — a tranquil, waterfront network around 60 miles (100 kilometers) east of midtown Manhattan on Long Island's north shore. Ongoing photographs demonstrate about six American banners in the home's roomy, fastidiously manicured yard. There are aviaries, and wagon haggles garage ball circle. 

Inside, through an entryway and down the stairs from an incomplete carport, was a detestable, austere hellscape where Rodio held ladies for extended lengths without access to a shower, a washroom or the outside world, Sini said. 

Rodio's improvised whorehouse included a bed with a panther print sofa, yet additionally dividers fixed with family representations and Jesus on a petition card, Sini said. There were retires brimming with moisturizers, a container of chocolate syrup and "a wide range of things that one could speculate were utilized in sex acts," Sini said. 

"It's disturbing," he said. 

In enlisting ladies, Sini stated, Rodio, focused on ladies who seemed to have medicated reliance or who were by one way or another generally defenseless. He would at first supply them with medications for nothing so they would be subject to him, the examiner said. At that point, in the wake of setting them up with customers, he'd give them heroin or split to disable their judgment, Sini said. 

Rodio would utilize the cash the customers paid to purchase the ladies more medications and endorse his split propensity, Sini said. On the off chance that they opposed seeing a customer or didn't fork sufficiently over of the expenses, he'd shout at them, Sini said. The progression of medications made the ladies obligated to Rodio, Sini stated, and the primary way they could reimburse it was by performing sex acts. 

"This is a typical strategy utilized by dealers. They power their unfortunate casualties to wind up dependent on medications, at that point utilize that habit — that ailment — to hold exploited people under their control," Sini said.
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