2 Men Arrested After They Took Turns Shooting At Each Other

ROGERS, Ark. (AP) — Two Arkansas men have been captured on doubt of disturbed ambush after police say they shot one another while alternating wearing an impenetrable vest.

The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports that 50-year-old Charles Ferris and 36-year-old Christopher Hicks were captured Monday.

A police testimony says the two men are neighbors and were drinking on a deck Sunday when Ferris advised Hicks to shoot him with a .22-gauge rifle while Ferris wore the vest. The sworn statement says he gave left a red imprint on Ferris' chest and that he was irate because it hurt.

The affirmation says Hicks at that point put on the vest and Ferris "emptied the clasp" into his back, causing wounds yet no good scars.

Court records don't list a lawyer who could talk for the benefit of either man.

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