Former Echo Lake Camp manager sues over alleged failure to address asbestos

Former Echo Lake Camp manager sues over alleged failure to address asbestos

A previous director of Echo Lake Camp, worked by the city of Berkeley, recorded a claim against the city's Parks, Recreation and Waterfront Department, asserting that city authorities neglected to examine or deliver the introduction to asbestos in camp lodges. 

The grievance, recorded by previous camp administrator Jeffrey Bostelaar on Feb. 25, affirms that Bostelaar raised open wellbeing concerns encompassing "breaking and stripping" asbestos to camp administrators in August 2018. Bostelaar claims that city authorities, accordingly, denied directing an examination concerning the supposed asbestos presentation since "it would look terrible." According to the objection, Bostelaar was purportedly educated to move out regarding the lodge and into his van and wash his garments, with no remuneration gave. 

Bostelaar is blaming the city for supposed carelessness, stiff-necked inability to caution against the asbestos introduction and precarious state of the open property. Asbestos is a natural mineral — in the past utilized in structure materials — that can cause malignant growth, among different infections if strands are breathed in or ingested. 

The grievance likewise affirms the wrong end, expressing that Bostelaar — who was terminated from his situation at Echo Lake Camp in August 2018 — was ended "for no other explanation than the way that he had whined about asbestos in his lodge and in the lodge of others." 

Joel Siegal, the offended party's lawyer, said the case is still "in the beginning time" and declined to remark on the grumbling. 

Reverberation Lake Camp is situated close South Lake Tahoe and offers summer programs for kids, grown-ups and families. Berkeley's Parks, Recreation and Waterfront Department runs the camp, which has been working since 1922 under a single use grant from the U.S. Timberland Service. Camp projects for the 2019 season are set to start in June, with different plans offered until early September. 

Because of his supposed low end, Bostelaar asserts in the objection that he endured enthusiastic pain and uneasiness, alongside lost wages and advantages. He is suing the city for compensatory harms. 

City representative Matthai Chakko declined to remark on the pending prosecution.

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