Tito Ortiz buries Chuck Liddell with the first-round knockout win in a trilogy fight

Tito Ortiz buries Chuck Liddell with the first-round knockout win in a trilogy fight
Twelve years after his second knockout misfortune to his unpleasant opponent and individual UFC Hall of Famer, Tito Ortiz at long last evacuated the Chuck Liddell-sized monkey from his back. 

Ortiz (20-12-1) ensured his pre-battle expectation of a first-round knockout would turn into a reality when he persistently hovered before countering Liddell (21-9) with a couple of counters right hands to thump "The Iceman" unconscious at The Forum in Inglewood, California. 

The rash pay-per-see session, advanced by boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya's Golden Boy MMA, ended up being more tragic and hard to watch than a battle between two legends with a consolidated age of 91 even sounds on paper. 

It rapidly turned out to be evident that Liddell, 48, shouldn't have been permitted anyplace close to the confine nor authorized to contend eight entire years after a trio of brutal knockout misfortunes constrained him out of the game. Not exclusively was the punch obstruction of the previous UFC light heavyweight champion long gone, he had inconveniences keeping his parity or hinting at any coordination. 

The 43-year-old Ortiz, who battled as of late as 2017 for Bellator MMA, showed up as though he could complete the battle at whenever by bringing Liddell down. Instead, he was excessively aloof while allowing Liddell to tire himself out before finishing the complete at 4:24 of the opening round. 

"I work to attempt and pay the bills, and I do it to engage each and everybody of these fans," Ortiz said. "I did it this evening by ceasing Chuck Liddell, similar to I said I would. The entire interactivity was not getting him into a takedown, I needed to take Chuck Liddell out. You are not returning following eight years outside the pen to take me out. Hellfire no." 

Regardless of the long periods of scorn between them which helped fuel a couple of prominent sessions over 10 years prior, which assumed an important job in UFC's development, the two adversaries grasped inside the pen after the battle. 

"I must be aware," Ortiz said. "Throw Liddell, thank you for taking this battle buddy. You gave me a chance to demonstrate my abilities and begin this extraordinary thing we are running with Golden Boy MMA. Much obliged to you, you pushed me hard, man. You made me work super, super hard. 

"Toward the day's end Chuck, I'm an aware man. You allowed me to do what I want to do. You're an f - ing genuine hero, bud." 

De La Hoya made the two warriors parallel accomplices with himself for the battle, which guaranteed them a more significant upside should the PPV do well than they purportedly got in any of their past actions with UFC. Revealed totes by the California State Athletic Commission saw Liddell win $250,000 and Ortiz bring home $200,000 in ensured pay. 

Ortiz, who had his famous triumph move of scooping soil over his adversary's grave hindered and ceased by California authorities, asked different warriors to join Golden Boy MMA amid his post-battle meet. Unfortunately, after prodding that he would alter his opinion on resigning, he encouraged Liddell to continue battling and that he and De La Hoya would advance him. 

Liddell, who hasn't recorded a triumph since his choice prevails upon Wanderlei Silva in 2007, was reserved after the battle in regards to his future. 

"I returned and got fit as a fiddle," Liddell said. "He roused me. I was prepared for this battle, and I got captured. I committed an error and what will be will be. I don't think it was my best appearing without a doubt however I prepared fit as a fiddle and was for this battle. I have no reasons. I committed several errors. I began getting settled in here, and I got captured. 

"We will need to kick back and consider [the future]. I don't have a clue, I don't recognize what I will do. I got around here and got back fit as a fiddle and got spurred to do it and I trust I roused many individuals to do likewise. This is the way champions do it. You need to neglect to succeed."
Tito Ortiz buries Chuck Liddell with the first-round knockout win in a trilogy fight Tito Ortiz buries Chuck Liddell with the first-round knockout win in a trilogy fight Reviewed by OMAR AHMED on November 25, 2018 Rating: 5

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