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Mel Gibson appears in spot promoting Polish independence centenary

Mel Gibson appears in spot promoting Polish independence centenary
The spot about Poland's autonomy centennial was made in collaboration with, and the cooperation of, performer and chief Mel Gibson, the Polish National Foundation (PFN) declared on Saturday. 

The Polish National Foundation said in its dispatch that "an excellent, moving spot about recapturing autonomy was made. In it, the opportunity is contrasted with a home - a sheltered, warm and family put. It is coordinated at individuals from everywhere throughout the world." 

PFN board part Robert Lubański told PAP on Saturday that the idea for the spot came to fruition a couple of months prior and work started on it presently. "From the earliest starting point, we needed the spot to have a general message, one that would be comprehended by beneficiaries from abroad. We additionally needed to have an outstanding global star to show up in it. We picked Mel Gibson primarily because of his prevalence, yet additionally given the cross-generational jobs which he played in movies, for example, 'Braveheart' and 'Nationalist.' This was vital to us. Likewise, Gibson is the victor of two Oscars and has been named for this high honor commonly - most as of late in 2017," clarified Lubański.
Mel Gibson appears in spot promoting Polish independence centenary
He included that the spot fits in with the new PFN methodology of building the picture of Poland by searching for a legitimate message that can be comprehended by individuals from abroad. 

The spot is being communicated via web-based networking media around the globe. "Online life gives wide access to the gathering of beneficiaries who we need to reach with this message," Lubański underlined. 

There are two renditions accessible - Polish and English. Lubański reported that it will be "unequivocally and seriously advanced today and, most importantly, tomorrow, and furthermore over the coming week."

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