Why Hollywood won't cast Jennifer Love Hewitt anymore

It's difficult to trust Jennifer Love Hewitt is still in her 30s. It isn't so much that the previous youngster on-screen character and high schooler star has matured seriously, she's only one of those celebs that appear to have been around perpetually… in the realm of TV, at any rate. At the motion pictures, then again, Hewitt quickly played with A-rundown status before totally dropping off the radar. Glancing back at her profession, it's straightforward why.

Critics loathe her

Why Hollywood won't cast Jennifer Love Hewitt anymore

Having a group of faultfinders skillet you exhibits somewhat of an issue. Hewitt was named the most exceedingly awful assessed performing artist in Hollywood in 2016, and a brisk look at her Rotten Tomatoes record features the absence of adoration she's got from the business. Sixteen of her element films have "Tomatometer" scores, and each and every one has been considered "Spoiled." Her most recent push to swap the little screen for the enormous one came affability of 2013's Jewtopia, a lighthearted comedy portrayed as a film that "figures out how to be hostile to nearly everybody, including individuals who get a kick out of the chance to giggle at something since it's clever."

She's 'like a 90-year-old woman'

Why Hollywood won't cast Jennifer Love Hewitt anymore

In a 2013 meeting with Collider, Hewitt wondered about the innovation of online networking in a way regularly just grandparents do. Alluding to herself as "like a 90-year-old lady," Hewitt admitted that she was so new to "the entire web and Twitter and Facebook, what not." She at that point stated, "Back in my day, we strolled to class shoeless in the snow—tough both ways!" We're joking about that last line, yet she did say, "I am very stunned at how much fun it is to have the capacity to connect with individuals, every day, and keep content out there, and the amount it quite helps advance things, in such an alternate way."

Without a doubt, studios and systems do fine and dandy advance ventures individually, so Hewitt's techno naivete isn't probably going to be quite a bit of throwing major issue, yet would you be able to envision them attempting to clarify item position? We envision her truism something like, "So if the phantom I'm whispering to drinks a Coke, the watchers will need a Coke? Step by step instructions to swell!"

She let the trolls win

Why Hollywood won't cast Jennifer Love Hewitt anymore
No director wants to work with someone who can't handle criticism (constructive or otherwise), and this is another likely reason Hewitt isn't inundated with offers anymore. Case in point: she made a huge deal about quitting Twitter over the sheer "negativity" that users were sending her way, writing, "I'm sad to say Twitter is no longer for me. Life should be filled with positivity and be holding each other up, not making threats and be sending bad vibes…" All Hewitt did by making a show of leaving Twitter was highlight her unpopularity. Not to mention, her grand exit was all in vain because she later returned and began tweeting as much as ever.

Is she a diva?

Why Hollywood won't cast Jennifer Love Hewitt anymore
Awful notoriety will chase after you like a terrible stench in the city of Tinseltown, and getting into a drawn-out spat with makers is a sure fire approach to win one. 

Hewitt's Lifetime arrangement The Client List was getting ready for the third season in 2013, yet the system put it on the ice when the performing artist got pregnant. Her pregnancy wasn't the issue (her character in the show was really having a child as well.) It was the manner by which she needed to consolidate it into the demonstrate that purportedly put her inconsistent with makers. The performing artist allegedly needed co-star Brian Hallisay (her accomplice, all things considered, and the father of her genuine youngster) to play the father of her infant on the show. Makers had different plans, which put them at an impasse with the on-screen character. Hewitt evidently wouldn't move, so the whole show was hacked out.
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