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Adam Scott says Parks and Rec costar Aziz Ansari is 'doing great' following sexual assault claims

Adam Scott says Parks and Rec costar Aziz Ansari is 'doing great' following sexual assault claims

Adam Scott is sharing a report on Aziz Ansari.

Amid a meeting with Vulture on Friday, March 16, 2018, the Big Little Lies star mindfully opened up about how his companion and former Parks and Recreation costar is doing in the wake of being blamed for rape two months back.

"I don't comprehend what to say on the record in regards to Aziz. I would prefer not to state anything that could be confused," Scott, 44, said. After a short respite, he included, "I'll say this: Aziz is doing extraordinary. He's an extraordinary, exquisite person. How's that?"

As Nicki Swift already reported, a mysterious 23-year-old picture taker blamed the Master for None star of making undesirable lewd gestures amid a meeting with in mid-January 2018. Calling their date "the most noticeably awful night of [her] life," she asserted that, regardless of her signs that she was awkward and uninterested in connecting with sexual movement, the exceptional humorist stayed constant.

"The previous evening might've been a good time for you. However, it wasn't for me," she had messaged Ansari the next night. "You disregarded clear non-verbal pieces of information; you continued running with progress. I need to ensure you're mindful so perhaps the following young lady doesn't need to cry on the ride home."

Ansari, 35, responded to the claims soon after. "In September of a year ago, I met a lady at a gathering," he said in an announcement. "We traded numbers. We messaged forward and backward and inevitably went out on the town. We went out to supper, and a short time later, we wound up taking part in the sexual act, which by all signs was consensual."

"The following day, I got content from her adage that even though 'it might have appeared to be alright,' upon encourage reflection, she felt awkward," he proceeded. "It was valid that everything seemed alright to me, so when I heard that it was not the situation for her, I was astonished and concerned. I acknowledged her words and reacted secretly in the wake of setting aside the opportunity to process what she had said."

About the #MeToo and Time's Up developments, the humorist concluded, "I keep on supporting the development that is occurring in our way of life. It is essential and long past due."

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